REM-UAE Laboratory and Consultant Company Limited

Our Services

Laboratory Testing Service

REM-UAE offers laboratory analysis services for a range of environmental samples such as soil, sediment, drinking water, surface and ground water, sewage and effluents to ensure that environmental quality indicators of our clients' projects comply with national and international guidelines and regulations. We conduct analyses according the reference methodologies of "The Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater", an internationally-recognized standard for environmental laboratory testing.

Environmental Consultation Services

REM-UAE draws upon 50 years of combined experience of her parent companies, REM and UAE Consultant and offers consultation, monitoring and assessment services on the environmental, health and social impacts (EIA, HIA, SIA) of development and industrial projects in Myanmar.

Training and Coaching Services

REM-UAE offers training and coaching services in laboratory testing as well as environmental, health and social studies and impact assessments (EIA, HIA, SIA). Training courses can be customized to suit the requirements of our clients.

REM-UAE Laboratory and Consultant Company Limited